Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Album added - Spring

Another one for the list.  I think I should mention that I made music for myself primarily.  I have been living a considerably solitary inner world, mostly because I am physically removed from those that would care the most, but also because it has been hard to establish a mutual connection that would allow for this kind of sharing.  I've had glimmers of it with other people, but now I make music so that when I play it back, I can hear the things I need to hear said or emotions validated.  Also there's some puzzle solving that goes along with any music making. But mostly it's because if I don't address myself, who else will?

That said, some themes, sounds, songs, etc. might seem redundant.  But that's only because I'm not done with the idea yet.  I listen to this stuff while I ride around on my bicycle.  It helps me think, it helps shorten distances.  Sometimes it's consolation stuff, sometimes rememberance, sometimes brooding or outright fantasy.  There's an intimacy of the voice in the ear that I enjoy.  Having person speaking to me and not at me is something I have to often create for myself.

I am not exactly making music for public consumption, and I suspect that it often sounds this way.

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T' said...

This is a good way for you to get everythng available to everyone, though I still treasure my collection of clunky ol' CDs! I've had a blog here for awhile, though there's not much on it. I mostly use it to comment on other artists' stuff here as there's lots to see. I'll respond to the email soon and at more length, I just wanted you to know I was watching and listening! I still listen to your music all the time. Lots. *hug*