Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This is where I hope to organize and present my music. It seems the Blogger format will work really well for this, though it might be a little clunky to initially set up. I'll be going back and adding in albums in reverse chronology, along with anything else that might be suitable. I'm working on a new set of stuff now tentatively entitled Commonwealth, but I only have a few tracks down for it yet. As with the rest of this stuff, it's more snapshots of how I'm doing personally. Music continues to be the least filtered vent at the moment. I've given up on using the visual arts to pin down how I'm feeling. Writing is still good, but requires poetics, metaphors and roundabout thinking. Sometimes that's useful because it helps me to think out things. However, music lets it come out directly. Pretty much how it sounds is how it feels. Even the amateurish stuff, the repetitive, ill-mixed works. If the vocals are too low, that's important. If this sound is too harsh or tinny, distracting or out of place. Then there you go. There's no subterfuge or cleverness here.

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