Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Album Added - Quasiel

Been sitting on this one for a while now. It's been done for most of the summer, but things have still been playing themselves out. I find that I go through phases of making music to help process whats going on with me at the time, and then listening to it exclusively over and over for weeks before moving on to a new cycle. It's a conversation I end up having with myself, because personal things are generally too difficult to form into words and talking to another person about this stuff would seem unbearably insufferable or incoherent for the listener. When life moves on and the new rotation comes around, then I feel less immediately attached to the sentiment in the work and I'm more likely to share it.

I don't know. Anyway, it's new work. I feel like I could detail more about it, but that might make it seem more contrived than it really is. I make this stuff with almost full intuition, perhaps it's best not to talk too much about it, yes?

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T' said...

Oooh, new music! Looking forward to it. I'd hoped that you'd come back and add more stuff. I have most of the back catalog (and still listen to it quite often) but new is good, too. Thanks for posting it!